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Quiz #2

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You may not recognize these names, but I'll bet you know these people, even if you don't know you know them.

What names are these famous people better known by, or what are they known for?

Pledge-Level (You should be embarassed if you miss any of these)

1. Samuel Clemens
2. Frank Oz
3. Gary Hartpence
4. Norma Jean Baker
5. Theodore Geisel
6. Ann-Margaret Olsson
7. Archibald Leach
8. Natasha Gurdin
9. Virginia Kelley (name her famous relative)
10. Robert Zimmerman
11. Fred Rogers (what is he best known for?)
12. Anna Mae Bullock
13. Richard Starkey
14. Baron Manfred von Richthofen

Freshman Level (You need to get out more)

1. Erich Weiss
2. Dino Crocetti
3. Theo. Lesieg
4. Frederick Austerlitz
5. Richard Bachman
6. Doris Van Kappelhoff
7. Frances Shore
8. Frances Gumm
9. Marion Morrison
10. Bob Keeshan
11. Elmer Pratt
12. Christopher Wallace (not the newscaster)
13. Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.,

Senior Level (You're an average Trivial Pursuit player)

1. Bernard Schwartz
2. Julia Wells
3. Richard Jenkins
4. Lucille La Sueur
5. Phyllis Driver
6. Leonard Slye
7. Joe Yule, Jr.
8. McKinley Morganfield
9. Dana Owens
10. Sandy Denton

PhD Level (Try out for Jeopardy)

1. Leslie King
2. Derby Zerby
3. Issur Danielovitc
4. Don Novello
5. O'Shea Jackson
6. Kwame Ture

(answers below - no peeking!)

Answers to Quiz #2


1. Mark Twain, from the Mississippi riverboat saying "By the mark of the twain".
2. Frank Oz is the voice of Miss Piggy and other muppets, plus the Jedi Master, Yoda
3. Gary Hart - Democratic Senator and one-time Presidential hopeful
4. Marilyn Monroe
5. Dr. Seuss
6. Ann-Margaret
7. Cary Grant
8. Natalie Wood
9. Bill Clinton's Mother
10. Bob Dylan
11. His TV show, "Mr. Rogers's Neighborhood"
12. Tina Turner
13. Ringo Starr
14. The WWI German flying ace known as the "Red Baron" (he killed in action on April 21, 1918)

Freshman Level

1. Harry Houdini (named himself after a magician named "Houdin")
2. Dean Martin
3. Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel)
4. Fred Astaire
5. Stephen King published several novels, such as "The Running Man", under the nom de plume "Richard Bachman". These are known as the "Bachman Novels", and they sold many more copies once word got out that they were from Stephen King.
6. Doris Day
7. Dinah Shore
8. Judy Garland
9. John Wayne
10. Kaptain Kangaroo (he now writes books about children and education)
11. Former Black Panther Leader "Geronimo" Pratt
12. Recently-deceased Rapper "Notorious B.I.G." aka "Biggie Smalls"
13. Recently-deceased singer and pilot, John Denver

Senior Level (You're an average Trivial Pursuit player)

1. Tony Curtis
2. Julie Andrews
3. Richard Burton
4. Joan Crawford
5. Phyllis Diller
6. Roy Rogers (Chaps not Chops)
7. Mickey Rooney
8. Blues Singer "Muddy Waters"
9. Rapper and actress Queen Latifah
10 "Pepa" of the Rap group "Salt-N-Pepa"

PhD Level (Try out for Jeopardy)

1.Gerald Ford (when his parents divorced, he was adopted by his stepfather and given a new name)
2. Kim Darby
3. Kirk Douglas
4. Father Guido Sarducci
5. Rapper, Ice Cube
6. Stokely Carmichael, former prime minister of the Black Panther Party

Other notable aliases:

Rita Hayworth

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