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"The Tick"

Copyright 1996-1997. Bruce A. Epstein. All Rights Reserved.

Vital Statistics:

What: "The Tick"
, animated TV series
: Shown on Comedy Central (cable)
When: several times per night. (Midnight and 3:00 a.m. the last time I checked)
Why: Because it is way better than Batman or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
How: Based on the comic book of the same name.

Character Bios

Good Guys

The Tick
- our hero and title character. Possesses the squarest jaw in the known universe.

The Tick delivers all of his lines like Ted Baxter reading the news in his on-air voice.

"I'm about to write you a reality check. Or would you prefer the cold hard cash of truth?" -- The Tick (contributed by BG)

"Love is thicker than most bodily membranes, but not quite as sticky." - The Tick (contributed by CA)

Arthur - The Tick's sidekick. No relation to the PBS Aardvark

...more to come...

Bad Guys

The Deadly Bulb
- a villian with a big bulb on his head and lackeys named "Watt", etc., and a pig for a leg. Yes, a pig for a leg. It looks like he stepped in a pig. His (right?) leg from the shin down is an entire pig, with four legs and a mind of it's own. He hates his pig leg, until it saves him from falling off a building (don't ask).

"When one of your legs is a pig, people can't help but say, 'Oh, there's a pig there.' And that hurts." -- The Deadly Bulb (contributed by BG)

Pineapple Pokopo- the leader of a third world island bent on world domination in episode TK-110 (description contributed by CJS who also likened to Manuel Noriega, I believe)

...more to come...

Thanks to the following a-Tick-cianados, who have no idea that I have stolen their quotes and collected them here:

Brian Gray of the Instructional Media group at Macromedia.
Craig Arnush lurker on the StudioB Computer Book publishing list
CJS - of some company somewhere

More Quotes:

"S P O O O O O O O N ! ! !" -- The Tick (contributed by BG)

"Only have milliseconds to plan my next move! Hmm...no, that never works. Ah ha! No, that only works with ducks. That's it, DUCK!" -- The Tick (contributed by BG)

"Here we stand, gazing out over the city we have sworn to...stand and gaze out over." -- The Tick (contributed by BG)

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Copyright © 1996-1997. Bruce A. Epstein. All Rights Reserved.

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