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The "Toy Story" Story

(a work in progress)

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Toy Story is the first feature-length computer animated motino picture, created by Pixar, marketed by Disney.

Cast of Characters

Woody (Tom Hanks)- Andy's favorite toy.

Quote: "You are a TOY!"

Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) - Andy's new favorite toy.


"You are a sad, sorry little man. You have my pity."

"I don't think that man has ever been to medical school."

Mr. Potato Head - (Don Rickles)

Quote: "What are you looking at, you hockey puck?"

Bo Peep - (Annie Potts)

Quote: "I found my moving buddy."

Sid - "That happy child"

Things Woody Says when you Pull His Drawstring

Somebody poisoned the water hole

Reach for the sky

...more to come...


Mr. Potato Head
Green Army men
Barrel of Monkeys
Troll Doll

...more to come...


Buzz gives the Spock "Live long and prosper" sign as he says "You are a sad sorry little man. You have my pity".

The red tool chest that falls on Woody is manufactured by the sponsor on "Home Improvement" (Tim Allen's TV show).

One of the books on the shelf is "Tin Toy", one of Pixar's Oscar-winning animated short.

Randy Newman composed and performed the sound track.

Penn Gilette narrates the Buzz Lightyear TV commercial.

Buzz thinks he is Mrs. Nesbot at tea time. Woody opens his helmet and slaps him with his own arm.

Buzz is made in Taiwan.

Rex's voice is played by the actor who played Vissini in The Princess Bride.

...more to come...

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Copyright © 1996-1997. Bruce A. Epstein. All Rights Reserved.

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