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Zeus's Lair moves to www.zeusprod.com!

To serve you better, we now have our own domain, hosted on a private server. This should allow our customers improved access over our previous web site on AOL, and will allow us to add many new features not supported by AOL.

This site has been under construction since April 21, 1997. It has come a long way since then, but there is a LOT more to come over the ensuing weeks and months.

Although many sections are now in place, please be patient as we build the site incrementally. We decided it was best to post what was available, with placeholders for the rest, so you could see what was coming down the pike. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Who is Zeus Productions?

Zeus Productions is a Macromedia Vanguard Xtra Developer and Apple Multimedia Partner. We have been multimedia developers for over four years, and have been programming much longer than we'd care to admit. Our focus was originally custom Lingo development, but we now offer a variety of Xtras and other utilities for Director. These Xtras address the real-world needs of Director developers, and were often originated with custom projects of our own.

What is Zeus's Lair?

This web site, Zeus's Lair, offers information about our products and also information of general interest to Director developers. There is also a lot of cool stuff that has nothing to do with Director but is of interest to multimedians (were are interdisciplinary after all) or just plain fun.

This site is constructed entirely by me, Bruce Epstein, founder of Zeus Productions, with the exception of the graphics, which were done by Brian "Bam Bam" Johansen of Apollo Design.

Many of you probably know me by my screen name "BAEpstein" or "Bruce the Moose" as a frequent and ravenous contributor on AOL's Macromedia forum. I have been absent of late in order to focus on this web site.

The fact is that I have found many other Director resources to be lacking the hard-core information that multimedia developers need. This is not to say that there is not a tremendous amount of generously donated material available on the net and elsewhere. The sad truth is that people don't pay much for information these days, and that is probably the number one factor in determining the quality and depth of the information available. It is impossible for any unfunded developer to focus the resources and time necessary to maintain such a site indefinitely. Eventually the information becomes dated or remains superficial. Most hard core developers who could provide information to other users simply don't have the time, as they are too busy with consulting work.

Zeus's Lair is built on the dual pillars of our TechNote Library and Zeus Lexicon. Throughout the site, frequent reference is made to concepts that are explained in depth in the Tech Notes and terms that are defined in the glossary. This allows each page to focus on the issues at hand, while providing thorough explanations of the terms and techniques discussed. Refer to the essay, "The Beauty of HyperLinked Documents" for more about the theory behind the site and hints on creating your own information superstrucutre.

Where is Zeus's Lair?

Zeus's Lair is on Olympus of course! But this web site is hosted through the generosity of Hai Ng of Digital Image Design Incorporated. I owe a special thanks to Hai for his assistance in registering the domain, for hosting it on his server and for his infinite store of knowledge regarding everything web-related that has allowed me to construct, upload and maintain this site. If you are in need of site hosting or design services, please contact Hai and tell him Bruce sent you.

An Experiment in Anarchy

This site is an experiment in personal procrastination and achievement, mixed with public anarchy and democracy. I would rather spend my time creating a useful resource for the entire Director community, than wrestling with the perpetual deadlines demanded by the consulting business.

While most of this information is free, this site represents the culmination of thousands of hours of research, programming, writing, editing and maintenance. If you find the information here either helpful or lacking, please send us e-mail.

Your Mission

Truthfully, there is no way that I will be able to maintain and update this site indefinitely unless it provides enough of a financial return to support my family, my business and my employees.

You can help by:
I look forward to hearing from you, and wish you ongoing success in all your multimedia pursuits.

Bruce Epstein
Zeus Productions

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