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Zeus Tech Note
Trouble-Shooting Applications

(This document last revised May 9, 1997)

Copyright © 1996-1997. Zeus Productions. All Rights Reserved.
Written by Bruce A. Epstein

This TechNote identifies possible sources of errors when working with applications. The first step towards fixing a problem is to determine its exact nature. Refer to the TechNote, "Trouble-Shooting and Debugging" for an overview of the trouble-shooting process.

Q. Why doesn't my application work?

A. Try running your application from the Macintosh Finder, Windows 3.1 Program Manager, or the Windows 95 File Explorer by double-clicking the application and verifying that it performs as expected.

An application may fail to run because:

Windows-Specific Issues

Q. Why can't I open my document?

A. You may not be able to open a document because:

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Copyright © 1996-1997. Zeus Productions. All Rights Reserved.