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Lingo in a Nutshell & Director in a Nutshell offers a 20% discount on the books ($19.96 instead of $24.95) plus shipping charges (minimum $3.95). has a good reputation (although I haven't ordered from them personally) and a competitive price.

If you buy the books via, please use the links below. You pay the same price regardless, but I get a small referral fee if you enter through these links. This helps to defray the cost of maintaining this site and posting book updates. If you recommend the books to other, please tell them to also use the links below when ordering!

I don't get a referral fee unless you immediately add the book to your shopping cart after using one of the links below. Therefore, when you are ready to make your purchase(s), please re-enter Amazon's site from the links below.

Customers in Europe may prefer to use the alternate links to and Amazon.DE.

Lingo in a Nutshell

By Bruce A. Epstein
1st Edition November 1998
609 pages, $19.96

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Director in a Nutshell

By Bruce A. Epstein
1st Ed. March 1999
600 pages, $19.96

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