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Lingo and Director Resources

Below are links to various Director and Lingo Resources. See especially the Direct-L and Lingo-L mailing lists below.

Click here for a corrected list of links that are wrong in the Lingo in a Nutshell and Director in a Nutshell books.

This Links Page

O'Reilly and Associates DiaN and LiaN pages

DiaN and LiaN home pages and downloadable examples


Macromedia Home Page and Mirror Sites

Director Developers Center (Searchable Database of Tech Notes and Tips)

Shockwave Developer Center

Dreamweaver Support

Director and multimedia-related Newsgroups

Beta Programs

Free and Priority Access (fee-based) Technical Support

Phone Support

Requests and Feature suggestions for future versions of Director

User Groups

User Conferencess, TradeShows, and other Events:

Developer Locator (find a developer in your area, or register as a developer)

Director 8.5 Features and Upgrade Pricing

Free D8.5.1 updaters and maintenance releases

Xtras developer programs and support

Third-Party Xtras

Free Xtras

Xtra Developers Kit (XDK)

Web Sites

FTP Sites

Mailing Lists

If you have the bandwidth, these mailing lists are sometimes useful resources for Director, Shockwave, Xtras and Lingo questions. These mailing lists generate a lot of mail, much of which is off-topic. Subscribe using DIGEST mode to get one big mail message a day rather than hundreds of separate e-mails.

DIRECT-L (Director and Lingo)

Lingo-L (Lingo) and the Lingo User's Journal

Xtras-L (Xtras for Director)


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