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There are a few factual errors in Computer Literacy's review of Lingo in a Nutshell.

The page count for Lingo in a Nutshell is 609 pages, not 450. Likewise, Director in a Nutshell is about 600 pages, not 450.

Computer Literacy's review of LIAN states:

"The developer section begins with the title 'Where the Hell Are My Scripts?' Here, the author patiently shows you how to find all your lost treasures in script, Cast windows, Score windows, the sprite inspector and the behavior inspector. While you are there, he provides 12 inexcusable bugs in script creation."

The author clarifies:

That is not entirely accurate. That section describes where scripts appear in the Cast and Score windows and Sprite and Behavior Inspectors. It helps people to locate where in the interface besides the Script window that scripts appear. There is only 1 inexcusable bug in script creation. I cite the 12 steps to recreate the problem for illustration, but there is only one bug.


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