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Lingo in a Nutshell

Table of Contents


Part I: Lingo Basics

Chapter 1: How Lingo Thinks
Chapter 2: Events, Messages, and Scripts
Chapter 3: Lingo Coding and Debugging Tips
Chapter 4: Lingo Internals
Part II: Lingo Data Types and Expressions
Chapter 5: Data Types and Expressions
Chapter 6: Lists
Chapter 7: Strings
Chapter 8: Math (and Gambling)
Part III: Lingo Events
Chapter 9: Mouse Events
Chapter 10: Keyboard Events
Chapter 11: Timers and Dates
Part IV: Applied Lingo
Chapter 12: Behaviors and Parent Scripts
Chapter 13: Lingo Xtras and XObjects
Chapter 14: External Files
Chapter 15: The MUI Dialog Xtra
Part V: Lingo Command Reference
Chapter 16: Enumerated Values
Chapter 17: Changed, Undocumented, and Misdocumented Lingo
Chapter 18: Lingo Keyword and Command Summary
Chapter 19: The Lingo Symbol Table
Part VI: Appendixes
Appendix A: ASCII Codes and Key Codes
Appendix B: Changes in D6 Through D6.5
Appendix C: Case-Sensitivity, Sort Order, Diacritical Marks, and Space-Sensitivity
Appendix D: The DIRECTOR.INI and LINGO.INI Files
Appendix E: Error Messages and Error Codes

See the O'Reilly catalog for a more detailed Table of Contents for more more info.

See the companion volume Director in a Nutshell (Available January 1999)

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