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Plug-in Transitions for Director 5.0
and Authorware 3.5

are cross-platform plug-in transitions that add pizzazz to your Director or Authorware presentations! Use TranZtions imaginatively to create pseudo-animations and special effects that enhance the impact and style of your product.

You can use them seamlessly, just like Director's built-in transitions. The first in the series are available now. They are supported on 68K Mac, PowerMac, Win 3.1 and Windows 95, and will run under both Director and Authorware

Consult the TranZtions FAQ for more details.

Three TranZtions are currently available:

Cover Corners In - This visual effect is pictured at the top of this page. The new picture covers over the old one in four pieces that come in from the four corners of the screen.

Cover Center Out - The new picture covers over the old one in four pieces that emerge from the center of the screen and head towards the four corners.

Wipe Corners In - This visual effect causes the new graphic to wipe over the designated area in four rectangular areas that form a cross-shape before merging completely as they move from the corners towards the center of the screen

Supports: Director 5.0 for Mac and Windows. Authorware 3.5 for Mac and Windows

Pricing: These three transitions can be licensed for $29.95 for both platforms.

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