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Custom MUI Dialogs

Bonus Chapter 21

Lingo in a Nutshell

Bonus Chapter

Chapter 21, Custom MUI Dialogs, expands on Chapter 15, The MUI Dialog Xtra, of Lingo in a Nutshell. It is available in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat version 2.0 or higher to read it. It is printable, but not editable.

Example Code

The following archives contain example Lingo code for working with MUI. The archives contain an extrnal Director 6 Cast file for Macintosh or Windows. It will also work with Director 7.


Other MUI Resources

Macromedia has posted a detailed white paper on the MUI Xtra at:

UpdateStage has the following items related to the MUI Xtra:

MUI's inability to create dialogs bigger than the screen:

Small sample Director movie:

Detailed MUI article by Macromedia's John C. Ware at:

Example MUI code:

MUI Maker Dialog Xtra by RavWare:

The free MUIComposer Xtra by Rainer Ohman:

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