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Director 7 Differences from D6


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Lingo Differences (existing commands that behave differently)

 Command  D6 Behavior  D7 Behavior
 the quickTimePresent  Returns TRUE if QT2 is installed on PC, or QT2 or QT3 is installed on Macintosh. Unaffected by QT3 on PC.  Returns TRUE only if QT3 is installed (on both Mac and PC). See quickTimeVersion()

 the serialNumber

the organizationName

the userName

Return EMPTY in a Projector  Return 0 in a Projector
 QT3 sprite properties for QTVR elements   VRmotionQuality, etc.   motionQuality, etc.


Non-Lingo Differences (Where did it go?)

 Item  D6 Behavior  D7 Behavior
 Text #richText cast members  #richText is obsolete, and replaced by #text cast members and embedded #font cast members
 QuickTime and AVI members

 #digitalVideo and QT2.x

#quickTimeMedia and QT3 supported in D6.5

 #quickTimeMedia and QT3 sonly. No QT2 support. #digitalVideo is for AVI member under Windows only.

 Include Network Xtras with a Projector

 XTRAINFO.TXT network Xtras

File>Create Projector>Options...Include Network Xtra


 Modify>Movie>Xtras...Add Network



  Include Other Xtras with a Projector

XTRAINFO.TXT default Xtras

 File>Create Projector>Options...Check Movie for Xtras


 Modify>Movie>Xtras...Add Defaults


Supported Platforms


Windows 95/98/NT

PowerMac, 68K Mac

Win NT 3.5.1 and Windows 3.1 Playback only

Windows 95/98/NT and PowerMac only.

No Win 16 or 68K Mac support

MIX Xtras in SW  SW6.0.1 does not recognize any MIX Xtras, but has built-in support for JPEG and GIF. (and PICTs on the Mac). Also supports audio playback without the Xtras needed by a Projector. SW7 recognizes all MIX Xtras types in Shockwave Xtras folder
 Max number of sprite channels  120  1000. Set under Modify>Movie>Properties.

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