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Shockwave 7 FAQ

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Q. What is new in SW7?

The new features in D7 are detailed on Macromedia's site, or see "New Features" in the on-line Help's index.

Q. What new bugs are there?

See the SW7 Bug list.

Q. What platforms does D7 and SW7 support.

A. SW7 supports PowerMac and Win 95/98/NT only. No 68K Mac support or Windows 3.1 support of any kind. You must provide such users a SW6 version of your DCR file. The Shockwave download center will accomodate users of these older OSes by pointing them to SW6 plug-ins.

Q. What is the relationship between SW7 and Slim Projectors (aka Thin, Lite, or Shim Projectors or System or Shockwave Players)?

A. A Projector built with the Use System Player option in the File>Create Projector>Options dialog box requires that the IMLlib and DPlib libraries from SW7 are installed in your System folder. (They are put there automatically by the SW7 install). See the D7 FAQ for more info.

Q. Does Shockwave 7 support downloadable Xtras?

A. Shockwave 7 does support automatically downloadable Xtras, with the following caveats:

System Folder:Extensions:Macromedia:Shockwave:Xtras

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