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i386 - Intel 80386 microprocessor.

i486 - Intel 80486 microprocessor.

IANAL - 1. I Am Not A Lawyer, common e-mail abbreviation used as a disclaimer and synonym for "I am making this up. Seek professional legal counsel." See IWTPC, NOLO Press, Ivan Hoffman, WFH. 2. I am really up tight.

IBM - manufacturer of computer hardware and software based in Armonk, NY. See IBM-compatible, PC, Deep Blue, DOS, Big Blue.

IBM-compatible - a PC that is functionally identical (YMMV) to those manufactured by IBM, capable of executing the same software and interfacing with the same hardware. Generally running DOS or Windows and employing an Intel (or similar) processor. See Wintel.

IBM PC - original IBM personal computer, using an 8088 microprocessor

IBM PC/XT - the successor the original IBM PC, featuring a 10 MB hard drive and an 8086 processor running at 4.7 MHz. Also PC/XT, XT.

icon - 1. Elvis. 2. a pictorial representation of a file or other item, common in GUIs. See menu.

IDE - 1. a popular bus for PC hard drives. 2. Metrowerks' Code Warrior's Integrated Development Environment; 2. Interstate Drug Exchange, a pharmaceutical supply company.

IE - Microsoft Internet Explorer. See MIE.

IHTFP - 1. Institute of Hacks TomFoolery and Pranks. 2. MIT's motto.

IIRC - If I Remember Correctly, not-so-common e-mail abbreviation.

ILBCNUL8R - I'll be seeing you later, not-so-common e-mail abbreviation.

ILM - Industrial Light & Magic.

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion, a common e-mail abbreviation, often indicative of false humility, or a general laissez-faire attitude about the resolution of the discussion. Sometimes, but not always synonymous with, "I don't care if you find this really obnoxious." See IMO, IMNSHO, FWIW, FYI.

IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion, a common e-mail abbreviation, indicating an informed and/or emphatic opinion. Ironically, often offered more humbly than IMHO. See IMO, FWIW, FYI.

IMNSHBCO - In My Not So Humble But Considered Opinion, uncommon e-mail abbreviation, indicating an informed and/or emphatic opinion. See IMO, IMHO, IMNSHO, FWIW, FYI.

IMO - In My Opinion, a common e-mail abbreviation. See IMHO, IMNSHO, FWIW, FYI.

index.html- a common file name used for the home page of a web site, or the top of a subdirectory. A URL that does not include a document name, such as http://www.zeusprod.com, will default to http://www.zeusprod.com/index.html or a similar document, such as home.html.

Industrial Light & Magic - George Lucas's special effects company based in Marin, CA, responsible for most CGI in the movies. See ILM.

Inferno - an operating system from Bell Labs, whose affiliated programming language is called Limbo. Refer to the newsgroup "comp.os.inferno".

inheritance - 1. money you get from dead people. 2. The ability of a child object to inherit methods from an ancestor. See OOP, encapsulation.

INI file - a Windows initialization file (pronounced "Eye-En-Eye" or sometimes "Inny") that holds configuration information. See WIN.INI, DIRECTOR.INI, LINGO.INI.

insertion point - 1. Bay of Pigs, Cuba. 2. the point at which text will be entered, as indicated by the cursor position.

instance - 1. a single occurrence of an object. A child object is an instance of a parent script, created with Lingo's new command. See instance variable, instantiate, OOP.

instance variable - a variable that can hold a unique value for each instance of a child object. Known as a property in Lingo.

instantiate - v. to create an instance of a parent script or object to create a child object. See OOP, method, new, mNew.

integer - 1. a whole number that may be positive, negative or zero. See string, variable, float, array, list. 2. the Lingo integer function.

Integrated Woz Machine - a floppy drive controller chip in Apple II computers, designed by Steve Wozniak.

Intel - manufacturer of microprocessors used in most PCs running Windows. See Wintel.

interface - 1. n. a physical or electronic connection that allows communication between two or more devices, such as a SCSI interface. See device driver. 2. software that facilitates interaction between a user and the computer. See user interface , GUI, CLI. 3. a software program's look-and-feel.

International Business Machines - see IBM.

internet - or net, a global network of computers all obeying an agreed upon protocol for talking amongst themselves. Originally developed for educational and military research, and formerly known as ARPAnet. Often referred to as the World Wide Web, although they are technically not the same. See domain, FTP, ftp, www, http, intranet.

Internet Explorer - 1. a web surfer. See Mark Andreeson. 2. Microsoft Internet Explorer. Also IE.

Internet Information Server - a web server from Microsoft.

internet service provider - a company offering access to the internet, usually via a local phone number. See ISP, net.

interpret - v. to decipher. A programming language, such as BASIC, is interpreted at run-time, rather than pre-compiled.

interpreter - 1. someone who translates between foreign languages, such as at the UN. See C3PO. 2. a computer program which interprets and executes programming code. See compiler, CLI.

intranet - a localized or internal network, based on the same protocols as the internet, but limited to, perhaps, company-wide usage.

I/O - Input/Output, the transfer of data via an interface or to/from a file. See file I/O, FileIO.

IOW - In Other Words, a common e-mail abbreviation.

IRA - 1. Irish Republican Army; 2. Independent Retirement Account.

IRC - Internet Relay Chat, a mechanism for interactive multi-user chat sessions via the internet.

IRQ - Interrupt ReQuest, a device issues an interrupt request when it requires attention from the CPU. Two devices using the same IRQ number results in a hardware conflict.

irrational - 1. behaving in an inexplicable or insane manner. 2. an irrational number is one which can not be expressed exactly by a ratio of two integers, such as pi or the square root of two. An irrational number, when expressed as a decimal, has an infinite number of decimal places which never repeat. Contrast rational.

ISP - Internet Service Provider (pronounced "Eye-Ess-Pee", not "isp")

IRS - Internal Revenue Service. See Death and Taxes.

IWTPC - I Watch "The People's Court", see IANAL, Judge Wapner.

IWM - see Integrated Woz Machine.

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