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UI - (pronounced "You-Eye") see User Interface, GUI.

uk - the two-letter extension assigned to domains in the United Kingdom. See jp, ca.

UK - see United Kingdom.

UMAX - Macintosh clone maufacturer, partially owned by Radius, and using the SuperMac brand name.

UN - United Nations. See interpreter.

Uncle Cid - highly enlightened/enlightening individual, born in 1938. See LSD, drop date.

Underdog - 1. Polly Purebread's beau. 2. see Apple

uniform resource locator - see URL.

uninterested - not interested. Contrast disinterested.

United Kingdom - "a country to which bringing your pet is virtually unthinkable.". See uk, UK.

UNIX - an operating system popular in academia, and used on Sun workstation and various internet servers. See daemon, lex, yacc.

unverified report - see bug.

up - a tenuous state of operability, likely to falter (go down) at any moment, as in "the system is back up again." See on-line.

UPC - Universal Product Code, a bar code identifying most products. See SKU. The "mark of the beast" to some conspiracy theorists.

upload - 1. v. to send information to a remote computer, such as a web site or ftp site. See download. 2. n. a file or files that have been uploaded.

UPS - 1. Uninterruptible Power Supply, a battery backup for computers or similar equipment to prevent loss of data due to power outages; 2. United Parcel Service, a package delivery company. See Fed Ex, TCIITM, snail mail, USPS, e-mail..


user group - a professional or trade group focused around a particular hardware of software technology, such as the Macromedia User Forum or BMUG.

user interface - the manner in which a user interacts with a program, must commonly a GUI involving icons, menus and buttons, but also possibly via voice control or some other method. See look-and-feel.

username - an identifying name assigned to a user, such as an e-mail address. Usernames are often used on a network to control access to private information. Each username ordinarily has a specific password to control access to their account.

user SIG - see SIG.

US Mail - see snail mail, TCIITM

USPS - United States Postal Service. See snail mail, TCIITM, Fed Ex, USPS, UPS, e-mail.

URI - 1. Universal Resource Identifier. See URL. 2. Upper Respiratory Infection See Your Doctor. 3. Geller

url - the file extension used for files which contain URLs . See htm and html

URL - (pronounced "You-Are-Ell", not "Earl") Uniform Resource Locator, the Internet address for documents located on the Internet, typically starting with ftp or http, such as http://www.zeusprod.com. See home page, link.

user - 1. addict; 2. one who takes advantage of others generosity or naivete; 3. the focus of most good computer programs.

user-centric - adj. a design philosphy, such as that embodied in the Macintosh, in which the user is paramount. A user-centric application makes a substantial effort to conform to the expectations and preferences of a user, such as including a graphical interface, and voice commands. See GUI, contrast with DOS. See application-centric, document-centric.

user friendly - an overused term meaning easy to use. See GUI, contrast with DOS.

user interface - the portion of a computer program with which the user sees and interacts. DOS and UNIX traditionally have command-line interfaces, whereas the Mac OS and Windows have graphical user interfaces.

user preferences - configurable features which are stored and used by a program in order to conform to a user's personal style. See Preferences folder, Preferences file.

US - United States. Zeus Productions currently accepts payment only in US$ (dollars)

USA - United States of America.

USS - United States Starship - see Enterprise.

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