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vaccine - a computer program which protects your computer from or rids your computer of viruses.

vaporware - software that does not exist and never will. See SF.

variable - a value which can change, or the name given to a location in memory used to store variable data. See string, integer, float, array, list, local variable, global variable, property, instance variable, Lingo.

VAX - a once-popular line of mini-computer and workstations from DEC. See VMS, VT100, VAXen.

VAXen - the plural of VAX.

VB - See Visual Basic

VC - Viet Cong.

vector - 1. the carrier or transmitter of a disease, as in, "a mosquito is the vector for malaria". See daycare. 2. a quantity possessing both magnitude and direction. 3. a line drawn between two points. Multiple vectors are used to draw more complicated shapes. See vector-based.

vector-based - a vector-based graphic stores specific coordinates that can be used to reconstruct the graphic, not each and every pixel. For example, a rectangle can be defined by two opposite corners. Although less memory-intensive than comparable pixel-based graphics, these may be drawn more slowly because run-time calculations are required. See bitmap.

Veronica - See Archie, Betty, Gopher, Jughead.

VGA - Video Graphics Adapter. See CGA, EGA, SVGA.

VHS - a standard for video tape machines. Compare Beta, Hi8.

video - see QuickTime, and Video for Windows.

video capture - the process of digitizing video from an external source, such as a video camera or video tape. Director does not support video capture, but third-party Xtras may allow you to include such functionality in your Director presentation. See capture, screen capture. See Beta, VHS, Hi8.

video driver - a driver designed to interface with a particular video card. See DirectX, conflict.

Video for Windows - Microsoft standard for video playback. See codec and AVI.

Video Graphics Adapter - a display standard, supporting 256 colors at 640 x 480 resolution, commonly referred to as VGA. See CGA, EGA, SVGA.

VideoWorks - a precursor to Director. Refer to the Director version History.

virtual memory - the use of disk space to simulate additional RAM, also called a swap file. Virtual memory allows you to run programs for which you would otherwise not have sufficient RAM. Because disk access is much slower than RAM access, virtual memory will have poor performance relative to that of actual RAM. Refer to the TechNote, "Memory Configurations." for instructions on configuring virtual memory.

virtual reality - 1. Uncle Cid 2. computer-simulated reality that gives the illusion of reality. See immersion, Brinkley, Christie.

virtual surreality - see Dali.

virus - a malevolent computer program ranging from the merely annoying to the terribly destructive. see Disinfectant, Symantec Anti-Virus, McAfee.

Visual C/C++ - an implementation of C/C++ from Microsoft, known as MSVC.

Visual Basic - an implementation of Basic from Microsoft, abbreviated VB. See Visual C/C++.

VM - 1. see Virtual Memory. 2. Virtual Machine. See Java.

VMS - Virtual Memory System, the operating system used on DEC VAX computers. See VT100.

voice recognition - software and/or hardware which allows a computer to accept voice commands. The general consensus is that VR is not quite ready for prime time.

VR - 1. Voice Recognition; 2. Virtual Reality.

VRAM - Video Random Access Memory - the amount of VRAM determines how many colors and what resolution your monitor can display. The speed of VRAM affects the speed with which the screen updates. See RAM.

VT100 - a popular terminal for connecting to VAX computers, often used as a standard in dial-up BBSes.. See terminal, terminal emulation. Other models in the line included VT101, VT102, and VT104.

VWPBL - Void Where Prohibited By Law, an uncommon e-mail abbreviation used as a generaly disclaimer. See YMMV.

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