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yacc - Yet Another C Compiler, a compiler for UNIX. See lex.

Yahoo - an internet yellow pages directory and search engine. See Lycos, AltaVista

yellow - a primary color, used in CMYK specifications.

yellow pages - a directory originally published by Ma Bell, because black print on yellow paper provides good contrast making for easy readability. Now used as a generic term for a directory. See Yahoo.

YMMV - 1. Your Mileage May Vary, a common e-mail abbreviation used as a disclaimer, as in "I didn't test it thoroughly", or "it probably won't work the same for you", or "I don't think I could recreate it if I tried". See VWPBL.

Yo-Yo - 1. an internet telephony product. 2. a toy. 3 a repititious process. 4. cellist YoYo Ma.

YWIA - You're Welcome In Advance, an uncommon e-mail abbreviation see TIA .

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