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XDK - Xtra Developer's Kit. See MOA.

Xerox - 1. v. to photocopy; 2. v. to appopriate someone else's work, as in "I just xeroxed Craig's problem set because I was too drunk from beer pong and I didn't want to get a zero". 3. n
the document processing company. originally named the Halide Corporation, renamed for their most popular product. See PARC.

Xerox PARC - see Palo Alto Research Center.

XFCN - an "X function" is a Hypercard resource for adding functionality to the main program. Some XFCNs that do not use Hypercard-specific callbacks can be used with Director as well. The most famous XFCN's are the Rinaldi Collection

X function - see XFCN.

X-Men - comic book superheros.

XML - eXtensible Markup Language, a language based on SGML which provides greater structure and flexibility to the Internet. See http://www.jtauber.com/xml or http://www.w3.org/XML.

xmodem - communication protocol

XObject - a plug-in for Director, versions 4.0.4 and earlier. Some XObjects will work with Director 5 and 6, but not all. Specifically the FileIO XObject was been replaced by the FileIO Xtra. Consult the Zeus Xtras Center for more information. See method, mNew, mDescribe, Xtra, DLL and XFCN.

XOR - a boolean operator that performs a logical eXclusive OR. If either operand is True, the result is True, but if both operands and True, the result is False. For example, True XOR False = True, False XOR False = False, True XOR True = False. See and, or, not, and refer to the TechNote, "Understanding Boolean Operators".

xRes - a graphics editing program from Macromedia.

XT - the successor the original IBM PC, featuring a 10 MB hard drive and an 8086 processor running at 4.7 MHz. Also PC/XT.

Xtra - a plug-in which adds functionality to Director 5.0 or later. Zeus Productions has several Xtras for sale for both Macintosh and Windows. Xtras are also supported by other Macromedia applications, such as Authorware and Freehand, although not all Xtras work across multiple applications. See method, new, mMessageList, Lingo Xtra, Sprite Xtras, Tool Xtras, Transition Xtras, XObject, DLL and XFCN. See the Zeus Xtras Center for more information.

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