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Zz - the 26th letter of the Arabic alphabet (pronounced "zee" domestically and "zed" abroad).

zap the PRAM - to reset the PRAM that stores configuration information on the Mac.

Zingo - the name for Zeus's Lingo Libraries product line, a collection of pre-written Lingo libraries that can save you vast amounts of time.

ZIP - the file extension for PKZip Zip files, a compressed format common on PCs. (no relation to Zip drives). See ZipIt.

Zip drive - a storage device from Iomega, featuring removable 100 MB cartridges. See Jaz drive. No relation to ZIP files.

Zip file - See ZIP.

ZipIt - Macintosh utility to read/create PC-compatible ZIP files.

zLaunch - a utility from Zeus Productions that launches external applications under both Mac and Windows. (pronounced "Zee-Launch" domestically and "Zed-Launch" abroad).

zmodem - a communications software product. See xmodem.

zOpen - an Xtra from Zeus Productions that opens and prints documents under Windows. (pronounced "Zee-Open" domestically and "Zed-open" abroad).

zPrint - an Xtra from Zeus Productions that prints documents under Windows, included as part of zOpen. (pronounced "Zee-Print" domestically and "Zed-Print" abroad).

zScript - an Xtra from Zeus Productions that adds AppleScript functionality to Director. (pronounced "Zee-Script" domestically and "Zed-Script" abroad).

zWinVer - an XObject from Zeus Productions that determines the Windows OS version accurately.

Zeus - n. the supreme deity of the ancient Greeks, a son of Cronus and Rhea, brother of Demeter, Hades, Hera, Hestia and Poseidon, and father of a number of gods, demigods and mortals; the god of the heavens, identified by the Romans with Jupiter; 2. namesake of Zeus Productions.

Zeus's - the possessive form of "Zeus". Because "Zeus" is singular, the "s" following the apostrophe is correct.

Zeus's Lair - you're soaking in it.

Zeus Productions - makers of Xtras and other utilities for Director.

Zeus Productions' - the possessive form of "Zeus Productions". Because "Productions" is plural, the "s" is omitted after the apostrophe.

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