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J - 1. the tenth letter of the alphabet. 2. a marijuana cigarette. See kilo.

J++- see Microsoft.

Japan - See jp, Kanji.

Java - 1. a cup of coffee. 2. the current big thing. A programming language created by Sun, and notable for its platform independence. Java's main advantages are that a single code module can be run on different computers, and that it is not controlled by Microsoft. See Java applet, Java Beans, Javascript, Java virtual machine

Java applet - a small application, created with Java, which is commonly downloaded when viewing a web page, which provides cool functionality not otherwise available within your browser. See Java, applet, Java virtual machine.

Java Beans - see Java.

Javascript - see Java.

Java virtual machine - a Java interpreter which allows your computer to run Java applets.

Jobs, Steve - infamous showman and co-founder of Apple with Steve Wozniak. Also founded NeXT, which was recently acquired by Apple. Currently CEO of Pixar.

jp - the two-letter extension assigned to domains in Japan. See ca, uk.

JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a science center working under the auspices of NASA.

Jughead - 1. a comic book character who wears a crown 2. an internet service. See Archie, Veronica, Betty, Gopher.

junk - 1. n. a Chinese boat 2. v. to scrap 3. PC, Jr..

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