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QD - See QuickDraw.

QD3D - See QuickDraw 3D.

Quadra - a line of Macintosh computers.

QuickDraw - a library of Macintosh routines that facilitates fast 2D rendering

QuickDraw 3D - a library of Macintosh routines that facilate fast 3D rendering. including support for hardware accelerators. Currently supported on PowerMacs only. Often abbreviated as QD3D.

QuickDraw rectangle- a rectangle defined by the coordinates of two opposite corners. An invisible rectangle is often used as a hotspot area in Director. QD rectangles require minimal storage, because they are vector-based, not pixel-based. They require marginally longer to draw than an equivalent bitmap rectangle, but take up less memory.

QuickTime - Apple proprietary format for the playback of synchronized digital media. Consult the TechNote, "Mastering QuickTime" for more information. Often abbreviated as QT. See AVI, QT, QTW.

QuickTime for Windows - Apple's QuickTime software for the Windows platform. Consult the TechNote, "Mastering QuickTime" for a discussion of several important platform-dependent issues. Often abbreviated as QTW.

QuickTime Media Layer -

QuickTime movie - a digital video file in QuickTime format. QuickTime movies are always external to Director.

QuickTake Camera - a digital camera from Apple

QuickTime VR - software from Apple for creating and viewing navigable 3D spaces and manipulatable 3D objects. Often abbreviated as QTVR.

QTVR - see QuickTime VR

QT - see QuickTime

QTC - a QuickTime DLL for Windows.

QTW - see QuickTime for Windows

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