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LaserJet - a family of laser printers from HP. See DeskJet.

LaserWriter - a family of Postscript-compatible laser printers from Apple, credited with sparking the DTP revolution.

lb - (pronounced "pound", not "lib") an abbreviation for one US pound. There are 2.2 lbs per kilogram.

Lenin, Vladimir - deceased one-time ruler of the Soviet Union. See Bruce Epstein.

Lennon, John - deceased one-time Beatle. Husband of Yoko Ono. See Flaming Pie, Brian Epstein.

lex - a lexical analyzer for UNIX, used to parse input streams. See yacc.

Lex Luther - Superman's foe, played by Gene Hackman in the movies

LF - See Line Feed, CR, CR/LF, ASCII.

lib - a library file of some sort. See castlib.

library - 1. a repository of information or assets. A library file may hold the assets for an Authorware project. 2. a collection of programming routines that provide commonly required functionality, such as a C library or Windows libraries.

Limbo - the Internet-targeted programming language from Bell Labs associated with Inferno, and alleged next big thing. Refer to the newsgroup "comp.lang.limbo".

line feed - 1. an attempt to pick up a woman in a bar. 2. an ASCII character used to move the cursor down to the next line. See LF, CR/LF.

Lingo - Director's scripting language, modeled after SmallTalk and similar to HyperTalk. See Basic, C, FORTRAN, variable, method.

LINGO.INI - an INI file used by DfW (v 3.1 and higher), and DfM (v 5.0 and higher). The LINGO.INI file usually includes a startUp handler. See DIRECTOR.INI, and refer to the TechNote, "The DIRECTOR.INI and LINGO.INI Files".

Lingo list - a type of Director variable that lets you store multiple pieces of data in a sequential list. Lists are convenient and fast. Referred to as an array in other languages. See property list, integer, string, float. Refer to the TechNote, "Working with Lingo Lists."

Lingo Xtra - a plug-in which adds new commands to Director's Lingo language, such as the ability to read and write files, as provided by the FileIO Xtra. Lingo Xtras replace the older XObjects. See Sprite Xtras, Tool Xtras and Transition Xtras.

Linguist - 1. Noam Chomsky. See MIT. 2. a skilled Lingo programmer.

link - 1. the URL. associated with a hot-spot on the web. 2. v. to jump to a new location on the web, via a hyperlink. 2. v. to create an executable program with a linker.

linker - a program which assembles object modules created by a compiler to create a finalized executable.

Lion King - a CD from Disney infamous for being buggy, and notable for the public relations problems it caused.

Lisa - business computer from Apple, circa 1983, featuring a GUI. It was a commercial failure, but led to the more successful Macintosh.

list - 1. n. a Lingo list. 2. n. a mailing list. 3. n. a piece of paper showing the food you need to buy at the supermarket. 4. v. to lean.

list server - a program which manages one or more mailing lists. By sending commands to the list server's e-mail address, you can subscribe or unsubscribe to the list, receive help, or obtain past messages.

LLC - Limited Liability Corporation, a type of corporation. See NOLO Press, Ivan Hoffman.

local variable - a variable whose scope is limited to the handler in which it is defined or used. Synonymous with temporary variable. See global variable.

LOL - Laugh Out Loud , common e-mail abbreviation indicating that the writer thought that the original statement was very funny. Rarely used when you are making a joke yourself. See :) (smiley), <g> (grin), ROFL, ROFLOL, CIG.

look-and-feel - 1. the characteristic features and/or components of a user interface, such as menus and icons. Apple sued Microsoft and HP because the look-and-feel of Windows was too similar to that of the Mac OS, which Apple had previously appropriated from Xerox PARC. See interface. 2. two things you have to pay for in a strip joint.

LPT1 - the first Line PrinTer parallel port on a PC. See LPT2, COM1.

LPT2 - the second Line PrinTer parallel port on a PC. See LPT1, COM2.

LSD - 1. LySergic acid Diethylamide. The first ever acid trip was taken by its inventor Swiss Chemist Albert Hoffman on April 16, 1943 some 5 years after its synthesis. See Uncle Cid. 2. Little Sister Director. 3. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. See Beatles.

luggable - an early Compaq computer which was portable only in the technical sense, weighing about 30 pounds, and being the size of a suitcase, as well as requiring a power outlet.

Lycos - an internet search engine. See Yahoo, AltaVista.

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